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The advantage this employee retention speaker and employee retention author has is that he had more than 25 years in human resources prior to starting his consulting firm.  In that 25 years, I saw multiple recessions which resulted in layoffs, furloughs and downsizings.  It can be brutal to lay people off and to see the disruption it causes in their lives.   Then, it can be brutal when the economy comes out of the recession and the organization has to ramp up again and staff the organization to meet customer demands.  It seems like when it turns around, getting people in the door in a timely manner is always a challenge.

One thing that this employee retention trainer always did…we stayed in touch with our employees who were on layoff.  Whether is was me as the HR leader or their immediate supervisor, we would connect with people to see how they were doing.  In many cases, they had found other jobs.  That didn’t matter to us.  We stayed connected to them.  Our goal was to ensure they knew we valued them and that, when things turned around, it was our intent to bring them back to the organization.  Sometimes they came back…other times they didn’t.  However, we were convinced that by staying in touch, people came back that wouldn’t have had we not stayed in touch with them.  As a result, we always seemed to be able to ramp up and get going faster than other organizations in the community where we were located.

Aside from our ability to ramp up, another reason we liked to stay in touch was if people were struggling for some reason.  We wanted to be there for our people and, as a result, we developed a reputation in the community that we cared what happened to our employees.  This paid dividends because it also made it easier to recruit when we needed people.  Aside from it being a part of our employee retention strategies, my general manager always said, “It’s the right thing to do.”   People see that you care and it makes a difference in your employee retention and recruitment efforts.

If you haven’t stayed in touch with your people during this crisis, you need to start now!  If you Give Your Employees C.R.A.P.®  (Caring, Respect, Appreciation and Praise) by staying in touch with them they know that you care.  Not only does it drive employee retention…it’s the right thing to do!


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