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Earlier this week, this employee retention speaker and employee retention author wrote a blog about how poorly a furlough was handled by the HR leadership in an organization. After writing the article, I was bothered because, having spent 25 years as an HR leader, I truly love the profession and the people who are in it. HR is NOT an easy job if done the way it’s supposed to be done. It’s a lightning rod for complaints and blame and can be a thankless job at times. So, when this employee retention trainer heard a story from the HR leader at one of his clients that was positive, I definitely wanted to write about it.

Because of the nature of the business, this particular organization is up and running. It is in fact working overtime to meet customer needs because of what they do. When this employee recruitment expert got talking with the HR leader who has been in the HR profession about seven years, I heard a comment that warmed my heart. As a result of all the people challenges because of the virus, the HR leader has been working A LOT! There have been concerns about social distancing, worried employees, lots of long hours etc.

With the organization running at a high volume, it’s not practical for the HR leader to work remote because of all the challenges they face around people. The situation mandates that in order to do the job, they need to be on site or things would not get done the way they need to get done or done in a timely manner. One of the things that became very evident to this “young” HR leader was that people needed support. As a result, they felt it was important to be even more visible than they normally were…and people noticed how the HR leader had truly stepped up. So did the HR leader. It was a growth moment for this person to take on the extra responsibilities and to “step up.”

All too often, HR people get sucked into all the paperwork and mundane aspects of their job. That’s normal. In this case, the HR person stepped up and it was gratifying to see. They realized that not only did giving your employees C.R.A.P. (Caring, Respect, Appreciation and Praise) drive employee retention, it also made a difference in difficult times. More importantly, this young HR leader came to the realization that what HR does matters. I know that because the person said to me, “I finally realize how important my role is!”

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