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This employee retention speaker and employee retention author has found it fascinating as I talk with my contacts in companies who are now working remotely and have been doing so for a couple months now.  Over the past five years it has become more common to work remotely…usually that means working out of the home as opposed to going to a remote office.  Now, with the pandemic, not only has the number of remote workers grown but now most of the people are now working full-time out of their home.  This employee retention trainer has heard a common theme coming from my contacts.  That theme is that people want to go back to the office and that people miss their co-workers.

Some of the examples, this employee recruitment expert has heard are the following:

·         I miss the sense of community.  We don’t have that now that we are working out of our homes.  Sure, we do Zoom meetings but it’s just not the same as being there with other people.

·         I miss sitting with my co-workers during lunch and just talking and having that personal interaction.  Talking on the phone or with Facetime just isn’t the same.

·         I miss not having my team around where we can sit down in the conference room or in each other’s office, brainstorm and kick around ideas.  We can do that virtually, but it does not have the same impact.  I like my team and miss not being with them.

·         It’s lonely.  It’s not like I sit around at the water cooler or coffee machine all day when I’m in the office but being at home is isolating.

It has become VERY evident that people like being around their co-workers, getting to know them and interacting with them.  From an employee retention strategies standpoint, 90% of the people that I talk with have told me that if they were told that, going forward, they would be 100% remote, they would consider looking for a different job.  I find that very telling because most used to dream about remote working.  The also tell me that working remote one or maybe two days a week is very productive BUT 100% remote work diminishes the sense of community and is isolating.  This employee retention speaker has talked for years about building a sense of community and getting to know your people.  The comments from my contacts seem to support that.

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