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The General Manager this employee retention speaker and employee retention author was speaking with was frustrated with the President of the organization.  The President felt that the supervisors and managers needed to think more strategically to drive employee engagement and employee retention.  The GM disagreed with him and the three of us ended up on a call to determine what was needed next.  It was the GM’s belief that his supervisors and managers needed to “walk before they could run.”  The GM had done a needs analysis of his leaders and determined that almost all of them were lacking in basic leadership skills like communication and listening, discipline, how to walk the floor and interact with people, decision making, etc.

When the GM was looking at his employee turnover and other data he had such as exit interviews, stay interviews, 360 degree feedback and engagement studies the organization had conducted, it was clear that his leaders were lacking basic leadership skills.  They are good technically and mean well when interacting with their people but they simply don’t have the skills as leaders to optimally perform their job.  While the GM, President and this employee retention trainer were poring through the data, it became very apparent the GM was correct in his analysis.

The President was surprised when looking at the analysis because most of the supervisors and managers had at least bachelors degrees.  The GM pointed out that he had an MBA but that both his undergrad degree and masters degree gave him all this strategy learning but none of the basics about how to lead people.  Even his leadership classes were more strategic in nature.  This employee recruitment expert pointed out that this is usually the case.  Most leaders don’t get any real leadership training until they get in an organization that provides it.

If organizations want to drive employee retention it is imperative that they provide consistent, ongoing leadership training in the basics to educate and refresh their leader’s skills.  This is one of the elements that will help drive employee retention.  If you want to see your supervisors and managers grow so they can help drive employee retention…you have to “walk before you can run.”

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