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Recently, this employee retention speaker and employee retention author was working with a client and the president of the company said, “I wish everyone was an “A” player.  It would make life so much easier.”  I asked the president to remember when this employee recruitment expert helped them to find a new supply chain manager about a year ago and how they struggled because their pay structure is geared toward paying at the 50th percentile and in order to land the candidate they wanted they really had to pay more than what their salary structure was.

This employee retention trainer has NEVER worked in an organization with all “A” players.  In most cases we had mostly “A” and “B” players and we were VERY successful.  We worked well together because we didn’t have to deal with a team of people who had “A” player egos.  We had a good team.  People knew their roles, worked well together and worked for the benefit of the team.  Even with this mix of people, we often struggled to reward people at the level they wanted.  It would have been a nightmare to find the money to pay a team of “A” players.

The other reality is that not everyone is an “A” player.  The other reality is that with full employment, you will be lucky if you can find even the number of “B” players you need to round out your team.  This employee retention consultant has seen some organizations having to take “C” or even “C-“ players…maybe even worse!  The key was to take people who come in the door as a “C” player and turn them into “B” and “B+” players.  If you can do that as an organization, you will be immensely successful.

After the president and I finished our conversation, he thought back to his years in operations and realized that you can be VERY successful with a solid team of “A” and “B” players and realized it was about developing and retaining what you can find and that, “Not everyone is an “A” player” and you don’t need all “A” players to win!

Remember…Give Your Employees C.R.A.P.®  (Caring, Respect, Appreciation and Praise)  Why?  Because C.R.A.P. Works!

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