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This employee retention speaker and employee retention author talks to a lot of clients that have people furloughed due to Covid-19 and to employees of all sorts that are furloughed from other organizations.  Because of my postings on LinkedIn, I hear a LOT from people that reach out to tell me their experiences.   Recently, this employee recruitment expert was speaking with one of my clients that put in the C.R.A.P. (Caring , Respect, Appreciation and Praise) Philosophy of Employee Retention in place 10 months ago.  This is an industry that traditionally has 100% turnover per year.  Yes…you read it right…100%.   After putting in the C.R.A.P. Philosophy, employee turnover dropped by 40% in 6 months.  They have a way to go but they have some real traction going and their goal is to be the hallmark in the industry.  Then the virus hit and they had to furlough a large portion of their workforce.

Not wanting to lose all the gains they had made, they made a concerted attempt to hold town hall meetings, send out letters, make sure people had access and knew about EAP, supervisors stayed in contact and even had support groups for furloughed people.  They were open and honest with their people.  Instead of having a negative grapevine, they had support and positive talk going on.  It’s worked!  As they have begun calling people back as the economy has opened up, 98% of the people on furlough have come back!  They have only lost a tiny percentage of their workforce who left and went elsewhere.  Remember, this is a very mobile workforce that moves around a lot.  What they accomplished is nothing short of phenomenal in the opinion of this employee retention trainer.

When you look at what they did, it was nothing that cost them a lot of money and minimal effort.  The key was that they had a plan and executed on the plan and the plan was focused on giving their furloughed employees C.R.A.P. (Caring, Respect, Appreciation and Praise)  Plan the work and work the plan…that’s what they did.  It goes to show you…C.R.A.P. Works…even with furloughed employees!

Remember…Give Your Employees C.R.A.P.®  (Caring, Respect, Appreciation and Praise)  Even your furloughed ones!  Why?  Because C.R.A.P. Works!

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