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Just this past week, this employee retention speaker was standing in the grocery store in a LONG line!  It seemed everyone was stocking up and the carts were full so I was waiting a long time.  So, like always, I start talking with the person behind me and she mentions that she is on furlough from her employer.  She works for a major employer in the area that you would think would have some fairly buttoned-down processes.  Apparently not when it comes to their furloughed employees.  This is a marked contrast to a client of mine that I wrote about earlier this week.

She starts to tell me that in the 8 weeks she has been furloughed she has had minimal communication with her employer, they have only done one town hall meeting and her boss has not reached out to her at all to see how it is going.  Apparently, that is the case with other people in her department that have been furloughed as well.  So, all these anxious employees start communicating with each other.  Not good!  The furloughed employee grapevine is fully cranked up and reinforcing all the wrong things the organization is doing.  After all, that’s what most grapevines do as they are inherently negative which is why you need to shut them down with good information.  She mentioned to this employee recruitment expert that people are starting to talk about looking for other jobs.  That’s NOT what you want your furloughed employees talking about.

The most telling comment that she made to me was “I guess I’m not important!”   She was demoralized and will probably be disengaged if she does get recalled and will harbor some animosity towards her employer.  From an employee retention strategies and employee engagement perspective, this organization is blowing it big time.  With a little planning and effort, they could look like a Rockstar organization.  Instead, they are sending a very negative message to their furloughed people that they “aren’t important.”

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