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This employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer was a member of a discussion group he was invited to at a local chapter of a national association and it became clear…email and Zoom don’t cut it.  Not that they don’t work but leaders have not found effective ways to use them to make things more like they were in “real life” before the lockdowns.  There is no substitute for the in-person interaction of stopping by someone’s office and spontaneously talking about how the Packers did against the Vikings in last Sunday’s football game.  That used to be the norm.  People loved it.

Now, what I do see is that leaders are finding it easier to “just do their work.”   They are forgetting that as a leader, much of their job was interaction, problem-solving, being a sounding board, and all of the myriad of other things that a leader does besides “just doing their work.”  Instead of chatting with a person in the parking lot as they walk in together about their weekend, people just sign-on and “go to work” in their makeshift offices that often are like caves.  It’s depressing.  It’s starting to take a toll.  The group I spoke with has said that they are thinking of looking for a new job and they want to find a place where they can “go into the office.”  People WANT to go into the office!

If we are stuck with email and Zoom…let’s use them.  Or if you have instant chat on your office system…use it.  Do the stuff that you used to do in-person like talk.  Do it using these mechanisms…but do it!  We’ve stopped talking and communication is suffering because if it.  This is impacting our employee retention strategies.  HR departments regularly need to “pop” in on team huddles like they used to according to this employee retention author.  We have either gotten lazy, fallen into a funk, or are not very creative when it comes to using all this technology people brag about.  That has to change our you will see employee engagement drop and employee turnover increase.

If you want your employee retention strategies to work in this “new normal” you better start working them or your employee turnover is going to skyrocket, or, worse yet your employee engagement will plummet as people mentally check out.  It’s time to Give Your Employees C.R.A.P.® (Caring, Respect, Appreciation, and Praise) even if it’s on the phone, email or Zoom.  It’s time to get “electronically visible.”


Remember…Give Your Employees C.R.A.P.®  (Caring, Respect, Appreciation, and Praise)  Why?  Because C.R.A.P. Works!

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