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One comment that really surprised me is the problem people have getting people to stay beyond the first week or even the first day.  Having experienced this as an HR leader, I shouldn’t have been shocked by it, yet I was.  When faced with this problem years ago and with clients who had the same problem, we immediately said…something is radically wrong.  Then our immediate defensive action was to blame the employee.  Don’t they care?  Are they totally unmotivated?  What’s with today’s new breed of workers? Etc. etc. etc.  Once we got past our initial defensiveness we said, “We need to look at our processes.”  Once we did that, we then took a comprehensive look at ALL of our employee retention strategies.  Some of the things we looked at were:

  • Were we missing something in the hiring process?
  • Was our initial onboarding/orientation covering what we needed to cover?
  • Were we properly training people or throwing them to the wolves and expecting them to unrealistic in our expectations? (Were temps training new hires…not good!)
  • Were we checking in with people to see how they were doing?
  • Did we know if certain areas were more problematic than others?
  • Were supervisors aware of the extent of the problem?
  • Did supervisors see it as an HR problem or a supervisory problem?
  • Did we do an exit interview if possible or were people simply disappearing?
  • When we saw signs something was going wrong…did we jump in and try to fix it?
  • Did we write off employee turnover as a cost of doing business?

Question after question is what we asked.  We looked at our entire employee retention strategy.  This employee retention trainer put his frustration aside and said, “We are going to solve our problem!!!!!”  I viewed it as OUR problem and not the candidate’s problem.  That shift in mindset made the difference because we turned over every rock to look to see if something was wrong with US…with OUR processes.

Two things came out of this self-examination.  The first was that the problem ended up being solved.  We found out where our processes were screwed up.  The second was that it resulted in my building my employee retention self-audit that this employee recruitment expert still uses to this day.

If you are frustrated by your employee turnover and want to do something about it…drop me an email at jeff@humanassetmgt.com and title it “I’m Desperate” and I will get you a complimentary self-audit.  Seriously…it’s time to stop complaining about employee turnover and do something about it!!!  Send me that email that says, “I’m Desperate” to get your complimentary employee retention self-audit.

Remember…Give Your Employees C.R.A.P.®  (Caring, Respect, Appreciation and Praise)  Why?  Because C.R.A.P. Works!

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