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This employee retention trainer was shocked to find out that, although the organization tracked its employee turnover, the first-line supervisors were not aware of what the numbers were in the facility or for their particular department.  However, when asked about numbers for scrap, on-time delivery, productivity, and several other metrics they knew those immediately.  That tells me two things 1) There is a disconnect in communication between HR and Operations or 2) employee retention is not a high priority to supervisors.  Although their employee turnover is not outrageous, there’s clearly room for improvement.

To this employee recruitment expert, I see low hanging fruit immediately.  When people don’t know the numbers, how can there be focus and effort put towards lowering the numbers?  Also, when everyone knows the numbers, they usually get attention from senior leadership, and then the word goes out that everyone should begin to work on improving the employee retention metrics.  Surprisingly, senior leadership was aware of the numbers but for some unknown reason, the communication was not taking place.  So, the organization was stuck and employee retention has not improved.  They simply have been “living with the employee turnover.”

This employee recruitment expert knows the HR Director is frustrated by the numbers.  After all, HR has to continue to recruit people to work in the facility instead of being able to focus their efforts on other more productive activities that move the organization forward.  This employee retention consultant also suspects there is a certain level of frustration on the part of the first-line supervisors with the employee turnover.  However, they have probably come to expect it as a “cost of doing business.”  This is a costly mindset.

Once the disconnect between HR and Operations is corrected, I suspect there will be a focus put on their employee retention.  Once they start doing that, you will see traction develop and the organization will recognize it doesn’t have to accept the current numbers and that everyone’s life will be a lot better as employee turnover drops.  The key for this organization is to eliminate the disconnect!

Remember…Give Your Employees C.R.A.P.®  (Caring, Respect, Appreciation and Praise)  Why?  Because C.R.A.P. Works!

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