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Most organizations don’t recognize this vulnerability when looking at the decision to have people working from home.  Back in the “good old days,” prior to the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic, it was hard for candidates to talk on the phone during the day.  With the evolution of cubicles instead of offices that started in earnest 15 years ago, it made it much harder for people to talk to “headhunters” during the workday because they were sitting in a cubicle right next to a co-worker or even their boss.  This employee recruitment expert will tell you it made it a lot tougher when trying to connect with a potential target candidate.  Now, with people working from home it is much easier for people to talk during the workday.

Organizations and HR Leaders forget that with remote work, people can easily talk.  They forget about that fact and fail to take this vulnerability into consideration when looking at their employee retention strategies.  Make no mistake; it’s a real vulnerability.  Combine that with the fact that this employee retention trainer can find anyone he wants on LinkedIn and you have some very real risk when it comes to employee retention.  More than ever, organizations need an employee retention strategy because access to their employees and to information for their employees to find job openings is far greater than it ever has been.  Combine that with the fact that many employees now have more of a disconnect with their organization because of remote work, the potential risk of employee turnover has increased exponentially.

Unfortunately, organizations have not pivoted when it comes to their employee retention strategy.  They need to be doing it better than ever before and they have yet to adapt.  The time to adapt is now!  When the economy really starts to accelerate coming out of the Covid-19 Pandemic, there will be an incredible amount of job opportunities for people.  Talent retention will become a MAJOR issue.  The time is now to take a hard look at your employee retention strategy, how your leaders are treating people (Are they giving their people C.R.A.P. Caring Respect, Appreciation, and Praise), how well is the organization communicating, are they still focusing on employee growth, etc., etc., etc.   Organizations are more vulnerable than ever because of remote work.  Now, it’s very easy for an employee to say, “Sure I can talk…I work remotely.”

Remember…Give Your Employees C.R.A.P.®  (Caring, Respect, Appreciation, and Praise)  Why?  Because C.R.A.P. Works!

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