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This discussion got us talking about who is coming back, how they feel etc. etc. etc. We began discussing certain leaders and their personalities and the gist of the conversation was that certain managers might as well stay home! Wow…that’s a stinging indictment of someone’s leadership style. One manager, in particular, keeps their door closed 90% of the time and if someone looks to see if it’s okay to enter, they get glared at. Don’t dare knock and come in…you will get your head bit off!

Needless to say, this manager is NOT well-liked and many of this leader’s people wish that she would remain virtual rather than having her come back to the office. The manager is not accessible when in the office and not terribly helpful because of it.  This employee retention trainer was appalled. How do you expect to have engaged, energized employees when you have managers who lead like Lieutenant Dyke?  (Watch the movie, “Saving Private Ryan” if you don’t get the reference). It just so happens that this manager’s employee turnover is rather high. This employee recruitment expert can’t even begin to imagine the levels of employee disengagement in her results from the organization’s last employee engagement survey.

This employee retention consultant remembers working for his first manager. His philosophy was that your door should be open 80% of the time to send the message you are accessible because accessibility sends the message you Care. It worked. We had one of the most open and communicative cultures during a time when openness and transparency were rarely discussed. When I work with organizations on their employee retention strategies, I use the 80% open door rule. Finally, I have to ask, “Where is this person’s boss?” Sending the message that’s being sent in this case is not the message you want to send…not if you are a Caring manager and want to have great employee retention and employee engagement.

Remember…Give Your Employees C.R.A.P.® (Caring, Respect, Appreciation and Praise) Why? Because C.R.A.P. Works!

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