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It all started over three years ago when an attendee at one of my speeches mentioned to me that the senior leadership in her organization was not happy with the fact that many of their people were “not engaged.”  So, to solve the problem, they mandated that everyone in the organization pick something they were going to work on in order to get them engaged.  They decided to mandate that everyone get engaged.  Needless to say, this employee retention expert pretty much predicted that this would be a flop.  It was!

In the last month, I had the opportunity to speak with this person about their employee engagement process again.  She validated that it’s MORE THAN THREE YEARS LATER, and nothing has changed.  Three years were essentially lost.  How much did this cost them?  A bundle.  She then went on to explain that maybe, just maybe, senior leadership is finally starting to get.  Senior leadership reached out to various members in the organization and ASKED if they would be willing to help improve employee engagement.  The key was…they asked this time…they didn’t mandate.  This employee recruitment expert was thrilled to hear this because it’s a sign that their mindset is changing.

The person I talked to was thrilled to be a part of the new process as were several of her co-workers who were also asked to help.  This is the way employee engagement and employee retention should start.  Now, the key will be how well the senior leadership supports their efforts and LISTENS to their ideas or thinks they have all the answers and ignores their ideas.  All of this is part of the C.R.A.P. philosophy of Caring, Respect, Appreciation and Praise.  Asking for input is a sign of respect as is listening and not trying to micromanage the process.  They are powerful actions when you do them.

Hopefully, senior leadership will listen and support the ideas that are brought up and meaningful change will occur.  That’s the key.  Hopefully, three years from now I will be writing a positive sequel!

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