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Everyone complains about the loss of employee loyalty.  Employees complain companies aren’t loyal anymore and companies complain employees aren’t loyal.  It’s no wonder after this employee retention trainer looked back over the past week at articles my researcher pulled for me that were in various business publications.  I was shocked by the number of articles that gave tips to people on how to switch jobs.  Now, we are constantly giving people tips on how to switch jobs more easily and not be discovered.  At the same time, employers are struggling to keep their people.

Tips like how to switch your notifications on LinkedIn, what to say if your boss hears you’re looking, how to get introduced to hiring managers etc. are regularly seen in the media.  No wonder employee loyalty is in trouble.  This is the sort of outside influence that companies have to fight as they see outside forces destroying the concept of loyalty.  Society, job coaches, and consultants are barraging employees with strategies on how to switch jobs.  This creates an uphill battle even for companies that want to treat people well and have them stay.  A company has to aggressively work to keep people because the mantra seems to be about how to find another job.

This employee retention expert firmly believes you need to talk to your people about loyalty and explain to them that you value them and that you want them to stay.  Then you have to back it up with solid action.  You need a comprehensive, all-out initiative to counteract the outside influences that are telling people not to be loyal.  You need a well-thought-out strategy.  The shotgun approach will no longer work.  Although this employee retention trainer knew that these outside influences existed, he was still shocked to see all the articles to assist people in finding a new job.

It’s a war out there.  It’s a war for the hearts and minds of your employees.  Organizations of all types are under assault.  In a war, you pull out all the stops.  You win a war by starting with a strategy.  If you don’t, your employee retention will not be optimized.  Develop a plan and then execute the plan.  Be proactive instead of complaining about your employee turnover…  build a strategy now!


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