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One of the things I like about going to CrossFit on Sunday is the same group of people show up every week.  We help each other get better.  There is enthusiasm and people are fired up to be there.  Enthusiasm is contagious and will get people pumped up at the office as well.  Can people feel your energy when you are at work?  If not, why not?   I am not talking about running around like an idiot, but go about your job with a purpose and the belief you can make a difference.  Put everything you have into it when you are there.  Why?  Because tomorrow you might not be there!  Trust me…I have seen good friends come down with cancer and know people who have been killed in sudden car crashes.  Live every day at work and at home like it might be your last…if it isn’t then you have had lots of fun during your day!

Here’s a few things that help my enthusiasm…give them a try!

  • Walk with a purpose.
  • This employee recruitment speaker’s response to “how is it is going?” is to say, “I’m having so much fun I can’t stand it!”  People laugh and then I laugh as well.
  • Read something inspirational in the morning for 10 minutes before you leave for work. It will get you pumped.
  • Listen to upbeat music or to an inspirational speaker while on your way to work.
  • Take joy in other people’s accomplishments and congratulate them.

People around you will pick up on your enthusiasm.  It worked for us at CrossFit this past Sunday.  One person hit a personal record back squat as she squatted with 235 lbs. on her shoulders.  People cheered her on.  Then another person hit her personal record in the back squat as well.  That’s how we inspire other members of our team.  People who enjoy what they do and enjoy the team around them tend to stay with an organization.  This should all be a part of your employee retention strategies.  Create enthusiasm and see employee retention improve!

Now, take a few moments to share how you inspire others at work!

Remember…Give Your Employees C.R.A.P.®  (Caring, Respect, Appreciation and Praise)  Why?  Because C.R.A.P. Works!