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As this employee recruitment expert pulled into the parking a large blue motor coach that was parked in the back of the lot caught my eye.  On the side of the motorcoach was printed the Lowes logo.  I walked up to the motorcoach to check it out.  What I saw on the back of the motorcoach was, “Come Work With Us.”  Lowes was literally recruiting in the grocery store’s parking lot.  Not only could they poach customers but even some of the grocery store’s own employees.  This was a pretty gutsy move on their part.  This is the type of gutsy move that this employee retention trainer recommends to his clients when I am presenting my “Recruit to Win” program to companies and to associations as well.  After all…if you are in a war for talent…the idea is to WIN the war!

After checking out the motorcoach, I proceeded into the store.  Soon, I find myself in the snack aisle and I see another great recruiting tool.  The guy who is putting chips on the shelf from Frito Lay has a shirt on that says, “Now Hiring.”  This is a route driver, so he is everywhere.  He is a walking recruiting poster for Frito Lay.  These route drivers hit dozens of stores in a day spreading the word they are hiring.  Another gutsy move on the part of an employer.  They are thinking out of the box.  Again, this is the type of thinking that is needed in the war for talent.

When I finally get to the checkout aisles NONE of the full-service registers are in operation…only the four self-serve lines.  The young guy who is assisting the self-serve registers tells me they don’t have enough people to staff the registers.  Ironically, I had talked to one of the managers several weeks ago about some creative ways to recruit in their grocery store.  I see none of my ideas at work in the store.

When it comes to the war for the talent you need to work hard, be aggressive, and be creative.  Think of what worked in the past and learn from it.  If you are a leader reading this, you need to be keeping your eyes open wherever you go for ideas that might work for you.  Like employee retention strategies, focus on fundamentals but also supplement those fundamentals with new ideas.  As you can see, other organizations are doing so.

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