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This employee retention speaker and employee retention expert always says “hello” to the greeter and because of that, her and I often chat for a moment.   Today, as this employee recruitment expert started talking with her, she commented that she often sees me at all times during the day.  Then she asked, “Are you retired?”  I responded that I am still working but many of my friends are retired.  She then went on to ask, “Are any of them looking for a part-time job?”

As our discussion continued on, she explained she had retired and then started working at the store and she loves it.  She went on to explain that they were great with flexibility and that the store would allow you to work pretty much as little or as much as you want which is what she likes.  She also brought up the fact that it helped to cover her Medicare Insurance etc.  This woman was an amazing salesperson.  She went on to tell me to please mention it to my friends because you never know…they might have an interest.  Imagine if you had a company of employees that were your recruiters.   Combine this with your other recruitment strategies and it would really make a difference filling your talent needs!

That’s the recruiting side.  Now, think about the employee retention side of the business.  If you have a stable group of older people who are part of your cadre of employees, you have just built in a group of people who aren’t going to quit.  Many simply like the personal interactions with co-workers and customers and they make a bit of money on the side.  This group of workers should be a part of your employee retention strategies as well as your recruitment strategies.

The best advocates for your organization are your people yet in many organizations we don’t tap into them.  It’s time to start thinking out of the box when it comes to recruitment and employee retention.  One example of this is to have a company of recruiters!

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