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This employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer has been talking about the fact that new employees must be brought into an organization differently than used to be the case with a typical “orientation.”  This is particularly the case with Gen Z and millennials.  Gone are the days of bringing someone in, filling out forms for three hours, and putting someone on the job.  That’s a recipe for disaster.  You aren’t going to get the “instant connection” you need in order to retain the young generations.

My colleague is a fellow “headhunter,” football coach, and father of several Gen Z kids.  Although this employee recruitment expert knew exactly what my colleague was talking about, it wasn’t top of mind.  It also isn’t top of mind for most human resource leaders and others in most organizations.  Younger people want to have that “instant connection” when they show up for work.  After all, they are accustomed to having things instantaneously in other aspects of their lives.  If they don’t have that “instant connection,” you often see people quitting in that first week or even perhaps as early as lunch on their first day!  So, the question becomes…how do you build that “instant connection?”

The first thing this employee retention trainer tells clients is to stay in touch with new hires during the time they accept the offer and the time they start.  The notice period is often a time when you lose people.  During the two to three-week notice period, HR, their future boss or someone from the organization should touch base with the person to start building that connection and make them look forward to starting the new job.  Then, on the first day, they should be introduced to their new co-workers and senior leadership.  Then, as they perform some work on the first day, their boss needs to touch in with them BEFORE LUNCH to see how it’s going.  If there are any concerns…address them!  These are just a few ways this employee retention speaker has shown clients how to build an “instant connection.”

In the old days, new employees filled out papers and then were generally thrown on the job.  That will not work with the new breed of employees.  You have to take affirmative steps to build that “instant connection,” or you will have employee turnover that need not happen!

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