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This employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer was recently at a retail store going through the checkout line.  As the woman in front of me was wrapping up at the checkup line, she made it a point to tell the young man who was checking her out that she was very impressed with his customer service skills and how well he dealt with people.  You could tell by his reaction he loved what he heard from the woman.  Clearly, another example that shows that C.R.A.P. (Caring, Respect, Appreciation, and Praise) works!  Getting this appreciation from a customer meant a lot to this young Gen Z.

They chit-chatted for a bit as he was finishing up and told the woman that he was planning on going to school to be a social worker as well as some other personal details.  As I thought about it, it dawned on this employee retention trainer that this woman was doing what a good supervisor should do…know your people, show appreciation, etc.  It had an impact on this young man.  Imagine if she or I had answered a customer experience survey and mentioned it in the survey.  Hopefully, the young man’s supervisor would pass that along.  That’s what a good supervisor should do!  It’s a great way to give appreciation even if you don’t hear it directly as a supervisor.

Another part of the C.R.A.P. philosophy is to look to catch your people doing things right.  If you are doing that regularly, your people will be getting all the appreciation and praise they need because you will not only see things they are doing right but hear when customers say things to compliment your employees.  Most people need to hear five positives for every one negative in order for leaders to have a high-performing team.  It also works wonders for employee retention.  Catching people doing things right should be a part of your employee retention strategies.

This employee retention expert knows that this young man could go anywhere with his skill set.  A smart supervisor will be giving the appreciation and praise this young man needs. When customers tell him he is good, and his boss doesn’t you’ve just set up a potential employee turnover situation.  That’s why I always say, appreciation…bring it on!

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