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This employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer has said time and time again that you need to work the process and the process will work for you.  Having come out of manufacturing as an HR Leader, the idea of using processes was drilled into my head.  I found that if you developed a process and followed it, you very often were successful.  If you were not successful, then you looked at your process and made changes.  A change here and a change there and before you know it things really started to come together, and you got results.

The same is true for employee retention strategies.  You need to develop your employee retention strategy to curb employee turnover.  Then you need to put the process to work and see what results you get.  This employee recruitment expert often sees organizations get no reduction in turnover because they do not have a systematic process.  They are doomed to fail right from the start because they jump from one thing to the other.

Even those companies that have employee retention strategies often deviate from those strategies so there is no concerted effort put into lowering turnover.  You need to work the process…over and over and over again, making changes as you move forward.  It’s really rather simple but it takes discipline to do so.  If you have some discipline and stick with it, you will see results start to emerge.  Those results will energize you to keep going and get more results.  If you need to make changes, make them and see if they impact results.  If they do, keep them in.  If not, drop them but stick with your overarching strategy.  This employee retention expert will guarantee you get results.

I get a ton of work from people who don’t build a strategy or once they have it don’t work it.  I bring the strategy piece but, most importantly, I keep clients working on the process.  After all, if you work the process…the process will work for you!

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