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This employee retention speaker and employee retention expert hears about the worker shortage constantly and why it exists.  In the articles I read, 75% of them try to figure out why the shortage of workers exits.  I’ve noticed this has really started since Covid hit.  I get the sense that people are looking forward to once Covid becomes less disruptive things will be better.  That drives this employee recruitment expert nuts.  My philosophy is, “Who Cares!”  Instead of obsessing on the “why,” employers really need to shift their focus on how to work on retaining their talent and chip away at their recruitment needs.

With all the focus on recruitment and employee retention what also amazes me is that when I talk with employers most have yet to develop a cohesive employee retention strategy, yet employee turnover is eating them alive.  They try one thing…then another…then another and wonder why it isn’t working.  You NEED an overarching employee retention strategy if you really want to get to the heart of why you are struggling with employee retention.  Then, you need to act!  Don’t worry about why there is a shortage, just start building your strategy and acting on it.

Because recruitment and employee retention merge with each other to some extent, I tell my clients to build a strategy for recruitment simultaneously with their employee retention strategies.  Then you know what you should be doing in both arenas.  Clients of mine that do this, dig themselves out of their talent dilemma faster than most of them ever dreamed.  The key is to begin acting with a plan.

The worker shortage is going to be with us for the next decade…at least.  Let’s stop overthinking this whole thing, get off our butts, and do something about it.  This is simple stuff.  Just start taking action.  Drop me an email and we will get it done with less pain than you ever thought!

Are you struggling with employee retention and recruitment?  If so, send an email to jeff@jeffkortes.com with the title, “I’m desperate” in the title line and I will reach out to you and show you how to significantly reduce your employee turnover and jump-start your recruiting.