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This employee retention speaker and employee retention expert has heard so much about how to be prepared for it.  The information I have seen is as if it is inevitable and employers will lose a massive amount of their workforce.  To the thought of being prepared, this employee recruitment expert says…nothing is inevitable.  It might be if you do nothing to stop it and simply wait for it to happen.

The real key to stopping the Great Resignation in your organization is to know who is susceptible to leaving.  The way to do that is to evaluate your people’s compensation first.  Ask if they are paid what they are worth.  Many employers got caught flatfooted already because they responded after a bunch of people had already left and then made some significant upward wage increases.  The mistake many employers are making is paying at the 50th percentile.  This employee retention trainer has always advocated being a 60 to 65th percentile payer which puts many of your really solid employees out of reach of being lured away for slightly more money.

The other thing to do is…. talk to your people.  I’ve been in a situation with an employee retention client of mine to do be able to do an “intervention.”  Start doing stay interviews with your top people or if someone has given notice ask why.  In one case, a client had 7 people who they knew were thinking about quitting.  We approached them as to why, they told us, and we were able to address the issues.  5 of the 7 stayed saving my client tens of thousands of dollars.  The key is to find out why people are thinking of leaving and do something about it.  If you have not been asking why they are thinking of leaving you should start asking immediately.

The Great Resignation is not going to happen in a week.  With that in mind, start communicating, listening, and acting on what you can now.  As I tell my clients…you should never be caught flatfooted by a resignation.  Clues are out there constantly and your leaders need to be attuned to them.  That way, you are ahead of the situation and can act proactively.  You should always know when people are ready to quit!

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