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This employee retention speaker and employee retention expert shocked the group when I told them that their underperformers were like donkeys and their top performers were like Clydesdales.  This really brought the whole idea into focus for them.  I then asked them if they had a Clydesdale and the Clydesdale got angry and started looking, how long do you think it would take a top performer (Clydesdale) to find a job?  Most said OMG…less than a week.

Now, ask yourself…who do the donkeys drive crazy with their slacking off?  The Clydesdale! If a Clydesdale gets angry, it’s not if they can find a new job, but only how long will it take.  Donkeys drive the Clydesdales crazy because they see them slacking off day after day after day.  Once all your Clydesdales leave, all you are left with is donkeys.  Then, when the word gets out that all you have are donkeys working in the organization you will not be able to attract Clydesdales.  The end result is you will be running a donkey farm!!!

This employee retention trainer is adamant about dealing with your Donkeys promptly.  Don’t let them slide because if you do, your Clydesdales will be looking at you as a leader and be thinking you are either clueless or don’t care.  If they think you don’t care, then why should they?  This is the downward spiral that leads to a donkey farm.

You need to talk to donkeys now as part of your employee retention strategies.  Hopefully, the donkeys will get it and change their behavior.  When they do, reinforce their behavior so you get more of the good behavior.  If you do get it, great.  If not, take them to the next step and if they don’t change, walk them through your process and walk them out the door.  If not, before you know it you will be running a donkey farm!

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