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As we walked to the meeting room where this employee retention speaker and employee retention expert would be speaking the next morning, we got talking.  He mentioned that he had been with the hotel for 40 years.  In fact, he had even retired once and then came back to work.   Needless to say, this employee recruitment expert had to ask why he stayed with an organization for 40 years.  He replied, “It’s not corporate.”

He then went on to explain that it was a family.  In fact, the organization is run by a family, and they are heavily involved with the employees.  He explained that he knows the CEO well.  This is an organization that has in excess of 1000 employees so when you hear a statement like this, it is impressive.  It gets even better.  The next day, I was in the lobby, and I see this guy walking through the lobby as he walked by a guy mopping the floor he says, “hi,” chit chats with him for a bit, and then does a fist bump with him.  Moments later, he stops and talks with the employees manning the front desk.

As this guy walks down the hall, I catch the bellman I know and ask him if this is one of the owners. This employee retention trainer learns this is the CEO.  Apparently, he is like this with everyone.  When I see this, it reminds me of a former boss who always told me people quit nameless, faceless organizations.  This CEO could be a classic CEO who is another “suit” and stays hidden in his office.  You can tell he likes giving the employees C.R.A.P. (Caring, Respect, Appreciation, and Praise.)

The interesting thing is that these are brilliant employee retention strategies.  Yet, this employee retention speaker can tell it is genuine and comes from the heart.  That’s what makes this organization a family.  Clearly, it’s not corporate!

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