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Unfortunately, we tend to get caught up doing grinding sort of tasks like paperwork and lose sight of what really drives the organization toward success and lowers employee turnover.  This employee retention speaker and employee retention expert wanted to emphasize what is important for any boss but particularly for an HR Leader.  Fortunately, I learned what was really important in my second job as an HR leader.  This employee recruitment expert learned from his second boss who one day told me, “Jeff…we’re in the people business…not the paperwork business!”  I’ve kept that in mind during my entire career, perhaps, that’s why I always loved being in HR.

Some of the tasks this employee retention trainer was taught were important are:

  • Get out and walk the floor daily. I don’t care if it’s high-tech, manufacturing, construction, or a hospital, you need to touch people daily.  I worked in some sprawling complexes where it was tough to even find people.  However, the reality is people knew who the “HR guy” was.  They also knew I was there for them and because they saw me regularly, I wasn’t some stranger when they were having some difficulty so coming to me was not an issue.   Caring…part of the C.R.A.P Philosophy (Caring, Respect, Appreciation, and Praise) It was also fun talking to people!
  • Communicate what is going on…talk to your people. I was taught to build a list of how we would communicate with our people.  In essence, we had a communication strategy.  Doing strategic work and then putting it into action was important.  It was also fun doing that!
  • Train people. I learned how to train in my second job.  I loved the training.  So much so that I found building leadership training was something I would work on during the weekend when at home.  I did it because I knew it was important.  It was also rewarding and fun conducting the training!
  • Work on culture! This involved talking to people, presenting my thoughts, and getting input from leaders and non-leaders…. Listening.  Listening to your people shows Respect!  Again… The C.R.A.P. Philosophy.  Pulling it all together and submitting an action plan and implementing the action plan on this very strategic element really helped move the organization forward.  And…I had fun in the process!

The bottom line was that I did my share of grunt work, but my boss emphasized doing the important stuff.  In the process, I found I had a LOT of fun!  I stayed energized and fresh during a 28-year career as an HR Leader.  We all have to do boring, grinding stuff.  However, I didn’t forget to do what was important!  It will also drive improved employee retention.

Remember…Give Your Employees C.R.A.P.®  (Caring, Respect, Appreciation, and Praise)  Why?  Because C.R.A.P. Works!

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