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This employee retention expert and employee retention speaker were talking and as the conversation progressed we began talking about how it is going post-covid in his organization.   He is the President of a company that is part of a major corporation.  He is in the C-Suite.  As a manufacturer, they were in a situation where they had most of their office people working out of their homes but the people in the plant continued to work in order to produce products.  Although he could work out of his home office, he continued to work out of his office which is located in the plant itself.  People noticed this.  After all, if anyone could work out of his home, he could.

For him working out of the plant was the right thing to do.  He did so because he knew it was important to lead from the front in difficult times.  He still did his morning stroll through the plant to stay attuned to what was going on in the plant.  He also made it a point to touch in regularly with the people who worked out of their homes beyond the regular staff meetings.  He intended on keeping people from losing touch with the organization and with each other.  He also made it a point to mention to people that he was looking forward to things getting back to normal where they would all be working together again.  He was thinking ahead because he knew many of the people would want to continue working out of the home and he wanted to set the expectation his people would be back in the office as covid abated. This was part of his employee retention strategies.

This employee recruitment expert also found out that he was encouraging his people working out of their homes to call each other regularly and stay in touch with each other because it was a virtual way to mimic the normal workplace.  Guess what, his employee retention strategy worked.  All of his office employees are now back in the office and amazingly, nobody quit.  When we talked more about it, I explained my thoughts.

This employee retention speaker told his colleague that whether he planned it or not, his proactive approach and leading by example were noticed by his people.  This generated the “R” in the C.R.A.P. philosophy…Respect.  His people respect him because he is open, honest, and leads by example.  He knows this is particularly important for senior-level executives.  He and I have talked about the C.R.A.P. philosophy a lot over the past seven years and he’s applied it in his organization.  Not only does he talk C.R.A.P. with his people but is also willing to “Walk the Talk.”

Remember…Give Your Employees C.R.A.P.®  (Caring, Respect, Appreciation, and Praise)  Why?  Because C.R.A.P. Works!

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