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This employee retention speaker and employee retention expert was talking with a neighbor about work, and he mentioned that they had this person in his department that nobody could stand.  She was snarky, gossiped all the time, and was generally unpleasant.  No one in the department liked her…no one!  My neighbor used to talk about this person all the time when we would get together.  Then when we talked this week, he mentions to me he would no longer have to put up with her because she got promoted!  I was shocked, to say the least after what he had been telling me about her behavior.  

This employee recruitment expert asked what had happened.  Did this person turn over a new leaf and change her behavior?  Nope.  Apparently, an opportunity came up in another department for a supervisor, she applied, and then like magic she gets the promotion.  Only it wasn’t by magic.  Apparently, her boss did not mention to HR this person’s poor behavior, and she got the promotion.  Now, she will have the opportunity to spread her malignant behavior as a leader and probably cause employee turnover.

It has been ages since this employee retention trainer has seen something like this occur.  This is the sort of action that destroys an organization’s employee retention strategies.  It is also the type of behavior on the part of her supervisor that is difficult for me to fathom.  It sends the worst possible message to the rest of the people.  Be a jerk and get promoted.  It makes the organization look inept.  The last thing an organization wants is to look inept.  Why?  People quit organizations that are inept because it worries people and worried people are prone to take jobs elsewhere.

HR and other leaders need to watch for this type of behavior on the part of a supervisor and not let supervisors do what was done in this case.  You don’t want to promote a problem employee into a leadership role.  Not only does it make the organization look inept, but it destroys the credibility of the leader who fails to be honest about someone’s poor behavior!

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