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This last week, this employee retention speaker and employee recruitment expert was at the hospital to visit a friend, it happened that as I was riding up to the appropriate floor, I was on the elevator with an employee who was pushing an empty wheelchair to pick up a patient.  We got talking.  One thing led to another and the employee complained that her boss had no idea about how strenuous her job was.  She mentioned that her boss never did a “walk around” with her or pushed a wheelchair with a person riding it.  What she meant is her boss had no understanding of what it took to pick up and deliver patients to the various location in the hospital.  This bothered her because her boss puts unrealistic expectations on her because she has no understanding of what it takes to do her job.  This employee retention author was a bit surprised.

When I was an HR leader in manufacturing, it was the norm that we would work in the plant doing the jobs of people who worked on the line, in the shipping department, or cleaning the bathrooms.  Our employees loved it.  This experience made our leaders more understanding and empathetic than if we had remained isolated sitting in our offices.  The other plus was this experience helped to develop respect for the leaders.  The fact we were willing to do this was truly respected by our people…not only did we show respect for what our people did but improved the respect they had for us.  Remember…this is the “R” in C.R.A.P. (RESPECT)

When a leader knows what their people do it builds RESPECT and it is an essential element in your employee retention strategies.  Then, when you show you care and show your appreciation, you have an unbeatable combination to drive improved employee retention.  As this employee retention author always says…my ideas are fundamental.  If you work the fundamentals, you will see your employee turnover drop…. guaranteed!  Respect is one of the fundamentals.  So, get out of your office and work your employee’s job for a day or at least follow them around so you understand what they do! 

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