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I regularly speak to employees in a wide variety of jobs.  One of the common themes I hear with these employees is often times their employer gives them a hard time about a variety of different little topics.  They include things like flexibility in work hours, time off, overtime etc.  Having been an HR leader in the past, I experienced many leaders who were not willing to work with their people even after this employee recruitment expert gave them the permission to do so.

Often, I see this with part-time, students and retirees.  These people want flexibility.  With flexibility they will stick around for ages.  I hear this from retirees that want to travel and see the country.  They would also like to work because they are not looking for “full retirement.”  When they ask their boss about heading out to go visit the national parks for two weeks, bosses often say, “that’s too long.”  So, the person gives notice and quits.  This employee retention speaker and employee retention expert sees this happen all the time.  Now, the supervisor is looking for someone to fill a 10-20 hour slot.  The scary thing is the people know the answer to covering for them if you would ask them for their input.

I worked with one organization that let their people look at the scheduling to cover certain incidents of time off.  The employees then came up with a solution that the employees developed and surprise, surprise…it worked! That’s why I always encourage employers to listen to their people and get them engaged in the problem-solving process.  When they can’t figure out a way to do it, I’ve usually found it a problem that is unsolvable.

If you are a leader reading this, don’t get hung up on these little things.  Why?  When the little things build up, people often quit.  Instead, focus on the big stuff.  The other thing is to let your employees do some of the problem solving.  It’s time to stop being difficult about the little things!

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