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This employee retention speaker and employee retention expert was talking with a colleague whose son works in the restaurant business.   He works as a line cook in a VERY nice, high-end restaurant.  His ability to cook, his work ethic, and his personality are such that he would be a great prospect for promotion by moving up to the level of a Sous-Chef (Deputy Chef).  He decided not to apply for the job when it came open recently.  He kept working on the line.

The Head Chef and the owners of the restaurant were miffed by this.  After several weeks of waiting, the Head Chef and Owners decided to ask him why he hadn’t applied.  His answer: Based on his family situation, he did not feel that as a Sous-Chef where he would have to work six days per week instead of his current schedule where he only works five days per week that the Sous-Chef job would be something he would consider.  He has several young children and didn’t feel it was in their best interest to work six days a week.  The Sous-Chef and Owners were surprised by this response but in a good way.  They responded, “Is that all that is holding you back?”  His answer was, “Yes.”  

This disruption to the family was something they had experienced so they understood this young man’s concerns.  Their solution…they said they could make it work by having him only work five days per week.  He took the job.  Promoting people from within should be an important part of your employee retention strategies.  This employee recruitment expert has used it to great advantage as an HR Leader.  It is now even more important with the younger generations.  These owners recognized things ARE different than when they rose through the ranks in the restaurant business.

Although it might be tough to adapt your mindset, if you are reading this as a leader, you must adapt your mindset, or you may not have people to staff your organization.  This organization mentioned above did and they are still able to run their business.  When things like this come up, get creative and figure out a way.  If you do, you will see your ability to retain talent increase.

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