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This HR Leader began talking with this employee retention speaker and employee retention expert because she was at a loss to deal with an interesting case of nepotism.  In this particular case, she has a department in her organization where there is a toxic employee who creates turmoil and divisiveness in the department.  The problem is this toxic employee is related to his boss’s boss.  With the clout of a higher-level person in the organization to protect him, he is able to act in a toxic manner.

This toxic employee engages in gossip, and innuendo about co-workers’ performance and is simply not performing his duties so other people have to pick up the slack.  It has become apparent to the HR Leader that I was talking with that she needs to do something about the situation because employee turnover has started to increase in the department.  She asked this employee recruitment expert what I thought about the situation and how I would deal with this.  Tricky situation to say the least but one that must be dealt with because it is impacting their employee retention strategies.

This is a case where HR has to intervene because the boss of the toxic boss can’t really say anything to her boss.  To do so, would be political suicide.  This employee retention trainer suggested that the HR Leader go to the relative of the toxic employee.  HR needs to explain it is incumbent upon her to speak to her relative.  Frankly, I can’t understand how the organization even allowed this to happen in the first place.  This is a large organization with plenty of places the toxic employee could work without being protected.  Policies like this organization’s nepotism policy hurts any employee retention strategy they have embarked upon.  It destroys respect for the leaders involved and casts a shadow on the organization’s culture.  Organizations need to preemptively look at ALL of their policies to see how they support employee retention.  The last thing any organization needs is to have in place is a nepotism policy on steroids!

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