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This employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer was intrigued by listening to one of the foremen in the workshop.  This foreman was a gruff, crusty old leader who had been with the organization for over 25 years.  On the surface that is what came through.  Then, as we got brainstorming in small groups, this employee retention expert got to listen to his ideas as he worked in his breakout group.  The ideas he came up with were amazing!

He talked about how he sat with his crew EVERY morning before they went to the job site.  He had actually created an area in the shop where everyone had an opportunity to sit together if they wished and to talk, text family etc.  He truly knew his employees.  This also gave him the opportunity to talk about how the family was doing, what his employee’s plans for the weekend were, and to also hear challenges they were experiencing at home and in their personal life.  Because he has been doing this for years, his people were very open and candid with him.  He even called his employees, “his people.”  This is a guy who has been thinking like this for years before we have now started to rename HR to “People Officer.”  He did other things as well to engage his people and to show his appreciation.

This foreman is not some weenie that lets his people slide on their duties.  In fact, this employee recruitment expert was shocked at the incredibly high expectations he set for his people.  This employee retention author was thinking, “How does he even get people who will work for him in this day and age?”  He sets high standards but also encourages people to be their best.  He speaks with people that join his team about maximizing their potential and being the best carpenter, mason, pipefitter or whatever their job is in the organization.  Most of his new hires are young people.  These are the same young people most people complain about… but not him.

He also encourages his people.  He regularly celebrates successes.  When things go well, he tells them so.  He brings in donuts or lunch…all of which he pays for himself.  His rationale…for the few bucks he spends, he loves the atmosphere he has created, and his engaged and loyal workforce makes his life so much easier.  To him, it’s a wise investment.

This is a leader who truly gets it.  The beauty of getting him in with peers in his company is that nobody realized what he was doing.  Now, other leaders can learn from his success and philosophy.  Now, they realize he is not just some crusty foreman.  But, most importantly, they now know you can be guff but still be caring!

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