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This employee retention speaker and employee retention author is always amazed when he hears employers or leaders say they “expect the best” from their employees.  They want excellence from their employees.  However, as the discussion continues it becomes apparent, they don’t necessarily want the best for their employees.  They may not see employees as a means of production, but they also don’t want the best for their employees.  Because of this difference, employees look at their boss or the organization and ask, “Why should I bust my butt and then not have the organization care about me?”  That is the thought that goes through their minds.

In the opinion of this employee recruitment expert, getting excellence starts with wanting the best for your people.  Leaders often forget to put themselves in the shoes of their people.  They think they can demand, and the reality is they can’t.  People may not quit, but they certainly may not perform at their best.  Expecting the best without reciprocity drives disengagement.  It’s no wonder that 67% of our workforce is either disengaged or actively disengaged when many leaders adopt this selfish mindset.

If you are looking to drive employee retention strategies, start by wanting the best for your employees and tell them that!!!!!  You can’t expect that people will know that because so many leaders they may have worked for prior, didn’t want the best for them.  The key is to communicate your belief then take action that supports that.  Talk to your people about their careers and where they want to go.  Ask them probing questions that get your people thinking about their careers.  You need to get them thinking about their career.  They have to manage their career, but you are there to facilitate the discussion.  Your people will appreciate what you do for them and be much more receptive to going the extra yard for you.

There is nothing wrong expecting the best from people.  In fact, leaders should be doing that.  To not do so is doing a disservice to your people. But, to get the ball rolling, show your people you want the best for them.  If you do, the impact on your employee turnover will be remarkable!

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