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When this employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer showed up at the facility to have his colonoscopy done, I was informed I had the right time for the procedure but the wrong day!  I suspected it was my mistake and I immediately thought of all the fun I had prepping for the procedure…I’m joking…I immediately thought…OMG…I have to do the prep again in a couple of weeks.  Then, one of the staff came out and said she was going to try to get me in at another location because she knows how nasty the prep for the procedure can be.

She called the other facility and based on their schedule she said they could fit me in there.  Frankly, this employee recruitment expert has never had that happen.  When I went to the facility I had to wait because I was being slipped into the schedule.  This employee retention expert got to observe the staff during that time.  I was amazed!  The staff was very professional but joked with each other and had fun with each other.  They were really a happy group.  They were also moving quickly and efficiently so it was not like the work was not getting done.  Then a few of the doctors showed up…including the one who owns the practice.  I was waiting for the fun to stop…nope…things continued on as they were and the owner even joined in.  It was unique and refreshing to see.  He was leading by example by having fun with his staff.

As I was brought into my room, the staff spoke with me, joked and had fun with me.  This employee retention author asked them all why they came to join this team.  All responded they had heard about the culture and the owner and so they applied.  This owner has built an attraction and employee retention machine.  I have no idea if this is part of his employee retention strategy but it’s working.  Bottom line…it’s clear the owner gives his people C.R.A.P. (Caring, Respect, Appreciation, Praise).

This is an owner who truly gets it.  People want to join his practice and to remain with him.  That is truly an accomplishment in this day and age of constant job hopping but also for a medical practice considering the ability for talent to move around.  He does this by treating people right and encouraging them to have fun.  I can only imagine what his Christmas party is like!

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