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Recently, this employee retention speaker and employee retention expert had the opportunity to visit one of my clients.  The President has always been a proponent of collaboration.  This philosophy has held them in good stead for many years.  He even created a space for collaboration in his facility.  People can come and relax on comfortable chairs, drink coffee and chat.  They maintained this even during the pandemic for those people who continued to work in-person vs. virtually.  He has noticed that as all of his people have returned to work this area has worked phenomenally at creating a space where people became reacquainted after not communicating nearly as effectively in a virtual world.

He has noticed that he has seen a surge in ideas coming from his R&D department that he didn’t see in the virtual world.  He has also told this employee retention author his employees are far more interactive in his team meetings that when they did them via Teams in the virtual world.  He has also noticed they are happier and joke with each other like they used to prior to the pandemic.  This President is not anti-virtual.  In fact, he has recognized the value of limited virtual work as a recruitment tool but also sees the benefits of building a team, relationships between team members and the ability to develop interpersonal skills by having employees interact on-site.

This President sees the must in having a collaboration area.  He knows people quit because of a lack of connection with their teammates. As his competitors lose talent, his workforce has remained stable and employee retention is not an issue.  His collaboration area is a part of his employee retention strategies.  This employee recruitment expert has seen many employers who still have not restored those activities and practices that helped them retain talent prior to the pandemic.

If you want to build your employee loyalty and employee retention, it’s time to go back to tried and true practices that worked prior to the pandemic.  One of those practices is to have a collaboration area where your employees can congregate and collaborate.  It’s time for employers to build a Space to Collaborate!!!

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