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What this employee retention speaker and employee retention expert found appalling was that there was little talk of motivating people.  It was as if people are supposed to come to these organizations and be highly motivated.  These employers need to recognize young people are different and must be motivated.  Is that the way it should be?  No…it’s not! However, it’s the way things are in today’s world.  

Instead of bemoaning the fact that the new workforce is different, it’s time for leaders put effort into motivating these young people.  Two of the organizations that were pointed out were a law firm and a software development organization.  These organizations talked about alternatives like outsourcing to India.  Maybe they need to show people that what the organization does matters.  Maybe they need to explain to their people they are valuable, and they matter.  Maybe they need to show their people they care about them, and don’t simply see them merely as a means of production.  Maybe they need to show respect for the fact that young people’s value systems may be different than theirs.  

Having been an HR Leader in a software development company, we were motivating all of our people 15 years ago.  Perhaps, we were unique in that we used the C.R.A.P Philosophy.  Nonetheless…it worked because we had a highly motivated workforce in general.  This employee recruitment expert has also used this approach in agriculture, food processing, manufacturing, and construction as well as with my clients.  It has worked in tough, dirty and mundane environments.  Coincidently, these organizations have great employee retention as well as great engagement.  They use the C.R.A.P. Leadership® Philosophy. (Caring, Respect, Appreciation, Praise.)

In the opinion of this employee retention author, some leaders are less than motivated themselves.  They don’t want to put in the effort it takes to lead the new workforce.  Big mistake!  Why…because failure to do so will result in increased employee turnover.  It could also threaten the viability of their organization when they can’t keep people.  It’s time to stop complaining about the lack of young Go Getters and do something to start motivating them!

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