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C. R. A. P. people are saying about Jeff’s employee retention programs…

C.  R. A. P. people are saying about Jeff’s employee retention programs …


Employee retention speaker Jeff Kortes tailors programs for audiences of all types:

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Employee retention trainer Jeff Kortes will provide you the tools and know-how to keep your best talent.

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    Shut Down the Grapevine

    When was the last time you heard anything positive come out of the grapevine? Never! The grapevine is a driver of speculation, innuendo and rumors. None of those are positives when it comes to your employee retention strategies. When working as an employee retention trainer......

  • cash_in_hand

    If You Want the Big Bucks

    A former boss of mine was recently talking to me about a conversation he had with his millennial daughter who has been in her career for a few years. She was offered two potential roles in the organization with one paying quite a bit more......

  • Problems  At Work

    It’s Simple…Not Easy

    As an employee retention speaker and employee retention trainer, people regularly call me to talk, and sometimes lament, what they must go through to keep people. But, as I tell them, employee retention is simple, not easy! If it were easy, then there would not......


Employee retention expert Jeff Kortes works with you to create an organization where great people want to stay.

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