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C. R. A. P. people are saying about Jeff’s employee retention programs…

C.  R. A. P. people are saying about Jeff’s employee retention programs …


Employee retention speaker Jeff Kortes tailors programs for audiences of all types:

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Employee retention trainer Jeff Kortes will provide you the tools and know-how to keep your best talent.

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  • Loyalty is a Two-Way Street

    As an employee retention speaker and employee retention author, I hear the comment from employers that “people aren’t loyal anymore like they used to be.”  True.  But neither are organizations.  I remember growing up when my dad worked for one of the Big 3 automotive......

  • Address Your Problematic Leaders

    As a retention speaker and retention trainer, all too often I work with organizations that have pretty solid employee retention across the organization.  Then, you look at one department, on one shift and it’s a revolving door.  Everything else the organization has in place from......

  • You’ll Like it Here

    This employee retention speaker and employee retention author was visiting a facility and had the chance to talk to the new purchasing manager who had started only two days prior.  I asked how it was going so far and she just gushed praise on the......


Employee retention expert Jeff Kortes works with you to create an organization where great people want to stay.

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