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C. R. A. P. people are saying about Jeff’s employee retention programs…

C.  R. A. P. people are saying about Jeff’s employee retention programs …


Employee retention speaker Jeff Kortes tailors programs for audiences of all types:

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Employee retention trainer Jeff Kortes will provide you the tools and know-how to keep your best talent.

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  • We Just Can’t Find Enough Bodies to Work in the Plant

    When doing a workshop as an employee retention speaker recently, I heard that comment from a plant manager who is struggling to attract and retain people.  I had to do a double take and said, “What did you say?”  That is when he made the......

  • There’s Nothing Like a Card

    As an employee retention speaker, I tell my audiences that one thing virtually every employee likes is getting a birthday card or a card on their work anniversary with the company.  Not some stock “Happy Birthday” card but a short-handwritten note from the president, plant......

  • Truth…Can You Handle the Truth?

    We have all heard the famous line from the movie A Few Good Men when Jack Nicholson tells Tom Cruise, “Truth…You can’t handle the truth!”   The question is; can you as a leader handle the truth.  Unfortunately, as an employee retention speaker and employee retention......


Employee retention expert Jeff Kortes works with you to create an organization where great people want to stay.

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