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Employee Retention Consulting

Employee Retention Consultant Jeff Kortes Will Work Directly With Your Organization!


When not busy as an employee retention speaker and trainer, Jeff Kortes works directly with organizations as an employee retention consultant. He’s partnered with organizations from 25 to 5,000 employees on how to keep their valuable workers, and attract new talent to stay vibrant.

His hands-on guidance helps them develop and implement these key tools:


  • Conduct employee retention audits
  • Review results of internal employee retention audits
  • Hold team problem-solving sessions and kaizen (continuous improvement) events
  • Understand employee retention diagnostics and related problem solving
  • Perform stay and exit interviews
  • Lead focus groups of employees to learn what is really on their minds: Why do they stay? Why are they considering leaving?
  • Develop and undertake employee retention surveys
  • Perform unbiased analysis of employee surveys

What Jeff’s Clients are Saying

Rick Ahern 

Chief Operating Officer

“It was a pleasure having you come in to speak to our leadership team about millennials and how the workforce is changing. Your approach is one that helps to generate enthusiasm while explaining the realities of the changing workplace to leaders. Clearly, you understand the manufacturing business and, in particular, the metals business. This helped to establish credibility with our people. When they asked questions, it was evident that you knew manufacturing and the unique dynamic that is inherent in our environment. It was abundantly clear to our leadership team after your presentation that employee retention and loyalty will be one of our greatest challenges in the next decade.”

Terri Yeomans

Vice President of HR at NuCraft

“Thank you for leading the ‘Giving Your Employees C.R.A.P.’ presentation for both our Vanderbilt and Grand Rapids facilities. I appreciated the time you took to understand the different cultures and challenges of each location so you could tailor the training to have the most impact. Our Managers, Supervisors and Lead people walked away energized and excited about their role in retention of good employees. Most consultants conduct the training and leave – you never hear from them again. I appreciate that you have followed up to see how we used the training and what you could do to help us keep moving forward.”

Cliff Sanderson

Vice President of Human Resources
MEC, Inc.

“It was such a pleasure to have you present to our leadership Team at our Vanderbilt Ml facility. The logical, common sense approach, tongue in cheek acronym and your unbelievable ability to relate to your audience absolutely mesmerized this group. Your in-depth knowledge of manufacturing, and down to earth approach clearly won over this hard to “connect with” group.
Even with an unemployment rate that continues to decline, and a job market that continues to get hotter in Northern MI, we have seen a close to 80% reduction in turnover rate. The recipe you outlined in your presentation is put into practical application every day, and as a result we’ve seen much improved morale and a workforce that is genuinely engaged.
As our population continues to decline, northern states will be especially hard hit. Employee retention will be critical and creating an environment that is Caring and Respectful with leaders that can show genuine and specific Appreciation and Praise will not only serve to keep employees, but also create a work environment that will attract others.
I cannot think of a more mission critical focus for any employer. “

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