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Have you ever wondered why some bosses and organizations have people who will do anything for them while others have a revolving door of employee turnover? Those bosses and organizations that people want to follow give their employees lots of C.R.A.P. (Caring, Respect, Appreciation and Praise)! Because Jeff is a headhunter—in addition to having 25 years in human resources leadership roles prior to starting his own company—he has insight into why some employees are loyal and others work only to get a paycheck. Jeff’s unique insight enables participants to leave his sessions with actionable steps to begin building employee loyalty and to drive employee retention in their department or organization.

Wondering how to attract - and retain - great talent? Jeff Kortes is an employee retention speaker and recruitment expert who lights up a crowd with his trademark humor and enthusiasm. A veteran HR professional, author of three books on employee retention, and one of the most influential voices in workplace trends, Jeff helps create focused, dedicated leaders who turn their organizations into "employee retention magnets!"

Wondering why Jeff says you should "Give Employees C.R.A.P®?"

What Can Jeff Do For You?


A employee retention speaker, Jeff’s presentations inspire audiences to take immediate action that strengthens their organizations’ workforces. Drawing on decades of front-line HR experience, Jeff speaks on employee retention, worker recruitment, workplace culture & the emerging generation. He can deliver one of his targeted programs, or customize one to fit your organization’s needs.


A veteran employee retention trainer, Jeff works with all types of businesses and organizations, large and small, to teach their leaders and teams how to attract and retain great talent. His employee retention and recruitment training programs are available in a variety of formats, from one-hour to multi-day training options.


A longstanding employee retention and recruitment expert, Jeff provides hands-on consulting for business and organizations on how to win the battle for talent, and keep their employees productive and engaged. Why have key workers stayed, or left? Jeff’s insight and analysis find the holes in workplace culture, and provide the solutions to fix them.

Jeff Will Take Your Event To The Next Level!

Whether it’s a keynote address before thousands of people, or an intimate workshop with a few senior executives, Jeff’s presentations educate and open eyes in a lively, engaging fashion. His shared ideas and insights will have people talking months afterward about what they learned.

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C.R.A.P.® Others Are Saying About Jeff’s Employee Retention Programs…

Tom Schroeder

Owner –  Schroeder & Sons Renovations, LLC

It is a pleasure to work with Jeff. He is the consummate presenter/speaker and always engages his audience with relevant stories and insight. We have utilized Jeff’s C.R.A.P. Leadership program to train our management team. One of the best attributes of Jeff is his ability to customize his programs to best fit the needs of our organization.

Becky Schermer, ABD

Human Resources, Adult Education Professional

As the Co-Chair of Metro-Milwaukee Society for Human Resources Management, We invited Jeff to do a presentation on “No Nonsense Retention”. Jeff was excellent at engaging the Talent Acquisition professionals in the audience. I also admire Jeff for his diverse teaching style, depending on the audience. His style is energetic, enthusiastic and passionate. His knowledge brings him credibility, and gave our group some great strategies that we could take back to our workplace and implement immediately.

Dennis Tomorsky 

Director of Government Relations at WICPA.

Jeff made a keynote presentation to the nearly 200 attendees at the WICPA Spring CPAs in Industry Conference in 2015 on the topic of No-Nonsense Strategies to Develop a High-Performance Workforce. Jeff received strong evaluation scores, and attendee comments included “very engaging speaker”, “enjoyable”, “very interesting” and “I loved this presentation”. The WICPA plans to use Jeff for future keynote and other presentations.

Check out Jeff’s blog for more tips and strategies!

A published employee retention author, Jeff blogs regularly on leadership lessons for a new workplace, cross-generational management strategies that work, and employee retention practices that get results. Read his blog and learn how to unleash the productive power of your employees!

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