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Employee Retention Culture – Easy to Say, Hard to Create

What Messages, Intended or Otherwise, are Your Employees Hearing?

“Culture” is an enormous business buzzword. Endless books have been written, presentations given, and consulting firms founded around “organizational culture.”

For good reason, too. The elements that define “culture” help employees choose employers. As the labor force contracts, and competition for talent intensifies, culture becomes a lynchpin to where the best workers go.

How does your culture stack up? Do employees feel valued? Does their work matter? Are their opinions heard and considered?

Or are they cogs in a machine, easily replaced and quickly forgotten?

You can guess which approach wins the war for talent. Employee retention speaker and expert Jeff Kortes has been on the front lines. He’s witnessed smart approaches – and otherwise – during his three-decade career as an HR executive and employee retention consultant.

Jeff won’t deny he’s full of C.R.A.P. In fact, C.R.A.P. (Caring, Respect, Appreciation and Praise) is a key part of his programs on culture. Book one or all three, and see if you find that “culture” really isn’t so complicated after all. 

Creating a Culture of C.R.A.P. – How Culture Will Drive Results in the New Workplace 

Creating a Culture of C.R.A.P. – How Culture Will Drive Results in the New Workplace  

Why do some organizations rarely have open positions, get great employee reviews on hiring web sites, and produce excellent results year after year?

How are some bosses able to build tremendous loyalty among their teams, to where employees will do almost anything for them?

It’s culture – plain and simple. Leaders and organizations that understand this enjoy sustained success. They know a people-centered culture drives results – not the opposite.

Creating this culture is not just lip service, though.

The secret is C.R.A.P. Grasp it, embrace it, practice it … and don’t be surprised when employee turnover drops, and productivity goes in the other direction.

As a veteran employee retention consultant, Jeff learned this long ago. His experiences as an HR leader, “headhunter,” coach and U.S. Army veteran taught him that making people the foundation of an organization is the secret sauce of success.

How to do so? This is both an “idea” program and a “process” program. Through real-life stories and interactive participation, Jeff explains how to build an engaged and loyal workforce.

He provides actionable steps for immediate use, to build a culture of C.R.A.P. that transforms organizations and points their success arrow upward. Empower and challenge your workforce … and be amazed at the results.

Soon, you and your organization might be the success stories that others marvel at. When asked how you did it, just say “It’s all C.R.A.P.®!”

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. – It’s More than Just a Song

No one likes feeling disrespected. Yet, all too often, bosses and organizations disrespect their people without even knowing it. Could everyday interactions be sabotaging relationships with your employees?

You don’t mean to be disrespectful – of course not. You probably say “please” and “thank you” regularly. What more can you do? How could you be sending the wrong signals?

Through real-life stories and audience involvement, Jeff helps participants understand how to demonstrate respect in the workplace, and systematically build this essential pillar in employee loyalty, engagement and culture.

Think you’re not making inadvertent mistakes?

Think again. The boss-worker dynamic is fluid, and governed by the personalities involved.

You don’t necessarily need to like your workers (though it certainly helps). You do need to manage them, and direct their efforts toward achieving organizational goals.

Your employees might like you – or not. Either way, they can’t say so to your face … leaving them potentially sensitive to even the smallest perceived slight. How do you navigate this potential minefield?

Through his work as a “headhunter,” Jeff hears firsthand from candidates how bosses and organizations sometimes fail to respect their people. He shares stories – some almost unbelievable – about leaders’ missteps and fumbles. The damage to employee engagement, loyalty and culture is incalculable.

Jeff’s insight, coupled with his experience as an HR leader, coach, employee retention speaker and U.S. Army veteran, provide invaluable insight into how leaders can consistently demonstrate respect when working with their people. His presentation provides actionable steps that participants can implement immediately in their department or organization.

Building a culture of respect drives employee retention. Its building blocks, though, aren’t always obvious. Put them together correctly, and everyone in your organization will be singing along with the same tune.

HR Horror Stories – Why Leadership Matters

Did you hear the one about the employee who threatened to bring a bomb to work, to blow up a computer that was probing her mind?

Or the high-level executive featured in the news for soliciting a prostitute?

Or the company whose annual calendar displayed nude women?

Human resources can sometimes resemble a haunted house. Crazy, bizarre, frightening things occur. The real borders on surreal. Sound like a place (or two) you’ve worked?

These true stories, and many more, are part of “HR Horror Stories – Why Leadership Matters,” Jeff’s employee retention keynote address. Based on his book “HR Horror Stories … True Tales from the Trenches,” Jeff relates the most important leadership lessons taken from a 25-year career in HR.

Filled with humor and compelling real-life experiences, Jeff helps audience members put their sometimes crazy work environments into perspective. They chose leadership for a reason … which is even more important when events turn bizarre.

Don’t be scared by the twists and turns of HR management. Your passion matters. Jeff’s insights will equip you to deal with the unexpected, and go forward unafraid of what lurks around the next corner.


Dave Paskash


 Thank you for presenting “Giving Your Employees C.R.A.P.” and then leading the excellent workshop on “7 Secrets to Employee Retention” the following morning for our FY 2019 HR Conference. Both sessions helped launch our Year of Engagement theme to our Operations and HR leaders across the company. I also appreciate the visit you made to our facility ahead of the conference to learn more about our business and our people. This certainly helped the connection with the group.

I also appreciate your follow up work with one of our plant HR managers, as well as your assistance with one of our continuity efforts on engagement at the corporate HR level. You have definitely created some
sparks in the organization that can turn into flames.“

Terra Thompson

MARKET MANAGER – Remedy Intelligent Staffing

“Great conference to attend. Jeff was very energetic, gave us the tools and motivation we needed to bring back valuable insights to our organizations! One of the best conference’s I have attend in some time! Jeff’s presentation is a Must See!”

David Hilddreth


“Perhaps, the best way to describe the impact he had on my Vistage group is best summarized by the comments that were made in the final evaluations of his program. They were:

Jeff is:

  • A straight shooter, tells it like it is and seems down to earth
  • He has walked in the shoes of that which he speaks about
  • He had some excellent suggestions that can be implemented right away and don’t cost anything other than thought and effort
  • It was very interactive with him asking us a lot of questions
  • There was real “takeaway” value
  • His delivery is clear and concise
  • He was an excellent story teller and weaved them into the material making it relatable
  • He has slides with very few words and doesn’t need any notes or a script- just speaks from experience
  • He has excellent materials and his book “Give Your Employees C.R.A.P.” (Caring Respect Appreciation Praise) was a quick read (90 pages)***
  • ***All members were given his book during our previous meeting and asked to read it ahead of time
  • They would highly recommend him to other groups”

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