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How do You Manage – and Optimize – a Multi-Generational Workforce?

How About Those Millennials, Too? How Do You Get Through to Them?

Organizational dynamics are at an historic point.

For the first time, your workforce likely consists of employees ranging in age from their 20s to 60s (or older). “Diversity” has expanded beyond gender and ethnicity, to include workers of widely diverging ages.

The chance to capitalize on the strengths of diverse generations exists like never before. Managed properly, tremendous opportunities for mentoring and leadership development can be realized.

The challenges are unprecedented, too. Generational divides in technology use are extraordinary. Gaps in life experiences are yawning.

How do you seize the unique opportunities for organizational improvement, while navigating the minefields of age disparity?

Employee retention speaker and specialist Jeff Kortes has answers. His two programs on generational workforce challenges address big issues vexing managers. Book one or both, build their insights into your organization … and see if what you once viewed as problems, have now become advantages. 

Making Millennials Great: Five Pillars to Building the Next Generation

Employers everywhere scratch their heads over “millennials,” the most recent workforce generation. They are indeed different – perhaps among the most mysterious, misunderstood groups ever.

Well, it’s time to stop working around millennial employees … and start working with them. In fact, how about molding them into peak performers?

Employee retention speaker and trainer Jeff Kortes’s “5 Pillars for Building the Next Generation” provides a blueprint. His live-action program offers real-world, hands-on direction for engaging this perplexing demographic.

Jeff’s not taking on this topic alone. He’s partnered with Randy Wilinski, a 30-something professional, to offer a generations-spanning perspective.

As a manager, Randy has hired, fired and inspired millennials for a decade. Partnered with Jeff, their generational differences meld through humorous anecdotes, interactive role play and audience involvement.

You’ll learn how millennials think, how they’re motivated, and why they will (or won’t) go the extra mile. Most importantly, you’ll come away understanding the Five Pillars to building the millennial generation and unlocking its productive potential.

Like it or not, millennials are the future. Understanding the keys to millennial employee engagement, and retention, allows you to start shaping tomorrow’s leaders today.

No more head-scratching. No more avoiding the obvious. Jeff’s program bridges the generational divide … and provides the tools to mold millennials into masterpieces.


Optimizing the Generations – Working Together for Success  

For the first time, five generations are interacting in the workforce. The management challenges can be extraordinary.

These age groups all think differently. Communicate differently. Especially, interact with technology differently. How do you get them all on the same page?

In “Optimizing the Generations – Working Together for Success,” employee retention speaker and expert Jeff Kortes (Baby Boomer) and Randy Wilinski (Millennial) use humor, research and personal experiences to show how to bring out the best in each generation. You’ll understand what makes each group tick … and the (mis)perceptions they hold of each other.

Everyone has something to offer, regardless of age. Are you taking full advantage of these multigenerational opportunities? Jeff and Randy will help you bridge the gaps, and seize this historic moment for success.


Rick Ahern


“It was a pleasure having you come in to speak to our leadership team about millennials and how the workforce is changing. Your approach is one that helps to generate enthusiasm while explaining the realities of the changing workplace to leaders. Clearly, you understand the manufacturing business and, in particular, the metals business. This helped to establish credibility with our people. When they asked questions, it was evident that you knew manufacturing and the unique dynamic that is inherent in our environment. It was abundantly clear to our leadership team after your presentation that employee retention and loyalty will be one of our greatest challenges in the next decade.“

Kris Matthews

Indiana Head Start

I would highly recommend Jeff Kortes with Human Asset Management LLC as a presenter/speaker for any Head Start Program, State Association, Regional Conference or National Conference.

As the Chairperson of the Indiana Head Start Association Conference and Training Committee, I was hard pressed to find a presentation to help us with staff retention, a problem that has plagued Early Childhood for several years. Then I stumbled across Jeff and I am so glad I did! He educated himself about Head Start, our services and our concerns regarding staff retention. He tailored the presentation to fit our specific needs instead of just using the same presentation he offers Fortune 500 companies.

Jeff’s presentation, “Give Your Employees C.R.A.P.” resonated with me as both an employee and as a member of middle management within a Head Start program. he uses an analogy of two common farm animals that exemplifies what often happens in organizations that costs us valuable employees.

Jeff is a dynamic speaker who engages the audience from start to finish as he discusses everyday values like communication, respect, accountability and loyalty. He gives you pertinent information that guides you to examine your organizational culture, as well as, your personal leadership style. The tips Jeff gives you allows you to implement changes immediately within your organization/program.

Our conference evaluations were so complimentary, I contacted Jeff to beg him to present again and I asked him to do something on “different generations within a workplace and working with millennials” and again he knocked it out of the park! he gave fantastic insight on what makes each generation “tick” and helped some of the senior, veteran employee lean to love and respect their millennial co-workers.

Again, I recommend you to reach out and talk to Jeff about any of your employer/employee needs. Jeff is fantastic to work with; he is professional, friendly, accommodating and fun! I have utlized Jeff for both an intimate group of about 40 and a large group of over 200 and he can adapt to any audience, venue, and circumstance; including going virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I promise; a presentation by Jeff Kortes leaves you renewed, hopeful, wiser and inspired.

Feel free to contact me or another member of my committee by contacting the Indiana Head Start Association if you feel you need addition information or testimony.

Kelsey Sebern

Event Coordinator – Iowa State Association of Counties

“Jeff Kortes and Randy Wilinski were our opening keynote speakers at our Iowa State Association of Counties (ISAC) University Conference this year. Thye presented “Making Millennials Great.” We though knowledge on the Millennial generation would be a great topic for our county officials to recognize and learn more about since this generation will make sure a large impact on the workforce soon.

Jeff and Randy do such a great job presenting their perspectives of both the Baby Boomer and Millennial generations. It gave our members a lot of information to take back to their counties on how to communicate and build the next generation.

If you are looking for great keynote speakers, look no furhter than jeff Kortes and Randy Wilinski. They will make your conference a success!“

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