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Job Recruitment: Are Your “Help Wanted” Efforts Wanting? 

A Headhunter Spills the Secrets of Successful Employment Recruiting Strategies!

Hiring and onboarding new workers isn’t cheap. By some estimates, upfront costs can equal one-half of their salaries. These financial facts make employee retention strategies smart business.

Employees will leave, especially in a tight labor market where opportunity knocks regularly. You’ll have no choice but to recruit their replacement … from the very same market.

Are your job recruitment strategies up to the task? Is your hiring process poised to compete in a cutthroat market?

Employee recruitment expert Jeff Kortes knows the secrets of successful recruiting strategies. Working as a “headhunter” for many years, Jeff learned how to find the often needle-in-a-haystack talent to move organizations forward.

Jeff’s employment recruiting programs provide unmatched insight for identifying and luring top talent, even in a highly-competitive labor market. No one said it’s easy. Employ a strategic approach, though, and your chances to find (and hire) great employees grow exponentially.

Jeff’s two programs on finding and hiring employees are filled with humor, real-life experiences … and very frank reality checks. Book one or both, put their tactics to work, and win the war for talent. Let’s face it: Losing is just not an option to consider.  

Recruit to Win

Do you struggle to find employees in a candidate-driven market? Frustrated in your job recruitment efforts to fill open positions? Trying to decipher the secret to winning the war for talent?

You’re not alone. Organizations everywhere are grasping for workers, as economic and demographic trends shrink the available labor pool.

It’s no longer enough to post a job opening and cross your fingers. It’s a new HR world. Recruiting requires strategy. Put the right one in place, and minimize your workforce woes.

Jeff, a “headhunter” and employee retention speaker and consultant, knows this well.

In “Recruit to Win,” Jeff provides a headhunter’s insight into building a comprehensive recruitment strategy. Through real-life stories and interactive participation, his “Recruit to Win” program helps you put the right pieces in place to systematically fill job openings.

Jeff’s many years in talent acquisition hold the solutions your organization is desperately seeking. Learn how to “Recruit to Win” … and win the war for talent. 

No Thanks, I Took Another Offer

Your ideal candidate turned you down. Why?

The chemistry was there. You made a great offer. You’re left asking “What happened?”

It happens regularly … and few organizations ever decipher the “why.”

As an employee recruitment speaker, using his experience as a “headhunter” who has placed hundreds of candidates, Jeff’s behind-the-curtain employment recruitment program provides unique insight into the thought processes of employees who decide to, or are contemplating, taking new jobs.

Similarly, he explores eight reasons why qualified candidates turn down job offers from seemingly highly-regarded organizations. Sound familiar?

The key to attracting talent? Build “selling” into your recruitment strategy to create a competitive advantage. Like it or not, you’re selling your organization. Adopting a sales perspective is integral to drawing the best workers.

Jeff shows you how, using real-life examples from his work as a recruiter and employee retention trainer and speaker. His program explains these key components:

  • Recognizing the need for a cohesive recruitment strategy with “selling” as a key element
  • Preparing to advocate this approach internally to senior leadership and decision-makers
  • Understanding how to enhance your organization’s image, in a fashion that appeals to candidates and strengthens your brand
  • Grasping the “selling” techniques that appeal to “A-level” talent, and can tip a competitive decision in your favor

Understanding the thoughts and reasoning of job candidates can lead to changes in your hiring process … and greater success in hiring.


Emily Schneider

Programs Chair – Northwest Ohio Human Resource Association

“Thank you so much for dedicating your time and energy to presenting for the Northwest Ohio Human Resource Association! Your program, “No Thanks, I Took Another Offer”, was engaging, practical and a welcome addition to our 2017 programming.

It’s not often that speakers tailor presentations to the audience, or reach out to survey the landscape of attendees. Your desire to understand the candidate landscape of Northwest Ohio made for a relevant and productive discussion. Those I spoke to after the event commented on multiple takeaways from
your presentation, and how they could easily incorporate them in their daily routine. For me, this is the ultimate praise.

Please pass on my recommendation to others considering booking you for a speaking engagement. I am thankful we had the opportunity to work together!“

Cherish Schwenn


“Thank you very much for speaking at the Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Association’s 66th Annual Convention at the American Club in Kohler on March 8th , 2016.

Your session “Give Your Employees C.R.A.P. and 7 Other Secrets to Employee Retention” was well received by our attendees receiving a 9 out of 10, the highest rated session at the convention.

The information on employee retention as well as the additional reference material you provided were both useful and timely. Your willingness and foresight to speak to a couple of members prior to the presentation really tailored it to employer needs in the concrete industry.  You did a great job of engaging the audience, making it an educational and enjoyable learning

Kacy Wikenhauser

Program Chair – Bloomington-Normal Human Resources Council

“As Program Chair of the Bloomington-Normal HR Council, I wanted to thank you for the presentation you gave our group in September 2013. The program titled, “No Thanks, I Took Another Offer” was insightful, practical, and relevant.

Your presentation was a welcome reality check for those of us who have to manage the hiring process. As the survey results from attendees echoed, many of us “Strongly Agreed” that we will be sharing information gained from your presentation with our senior management staff. Additionally, I had comments from audience members noting how engaging and informative you were.

I would whole-heartedly recommend you to our other regional SHRM chapters. Jeff, we’ve worked with you on two separate occasions and I’m happy to say we’d love to partner with you on a third. It’s been a pleasure!
I look forward to working with you again soon. “

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